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Shamrock upgrading water infrastructure

Shamrock upgrading water infrastructure

ABC 7 Amarillo – June 12th 2024

SHAMROCK, Texas — After receiving approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in December of 2021, the city of Shamrock is moving forward with the first of four phases giving a complete overhaul to its water infrastructure.

In this week’s Water Grow’s, ABC 7 News, looks at what this means for the city’s water tower that has served as a prominent feature for more than a century.

“That water tower its 175 feet tall,” said Troy Potts, city manager. “It was built in 1915. It’s a historical landmark it will remain in place but it will be abandoned.”

“At one time it was the tallest water tower in the state of Texas,” said Mickey Mitchell, Shamrock city council member.

It will no longer be certified for potable water use but it will have to be tested annually until the city has a new water tower constructed. A four-phase project will provide needed upgrades to the city and its water users.

“We’re funded with 22.3 million dollars,” said Potts.

“How much is grant and how much is loan?”

“The loan amount is $13.3 million and then the USDA has given us the $9-million in grant funds,” said Potts.

“A couple of years ago we looked at the water rates and we did increase our water rates,” said Mitchell. “That is going to help make our payments on this loan grant. We were very fortunate to get this loan grant otherwise we would not be able to make these improvements.”

City Council member Mickey Mitchell says as they pursue new businesses and are awaiting new industry to open the city had to make this investment in improving its water infrastructure.

“Upgrading our water system will not only give our citizens a better quality of life it gives us hope for the future and opportunities to grow our community and our county,” said Mitchell.

The water infrastructure improvement program for the city of Shamrock is being done in four phases phase one should be completed sometime by March of 2025 as for the fourth and final phase that’s expected to be completed sometime in the year 2028.

Phases 1-4 are as follows, a new 500,000 gallon concrete storage tank, a new 200,000 gallon storage tank in town plus 13 miles of 16 inch PVC transition line and distribution piping in town.